Write Your First Latex Document Using Texstudio

Hello and welcome in this short video, I'm going to show you how to compile build and view a latex document using text studio latex editor, I will begin by creating a very simple document, a latex document and display hello world. And then I will compile and build and view that document. So underneath the file menu, I'm going to click the plus symbol to create a new document, so I'm going to type document class to choose my class, and I'm going to use article. And then simply begin document there. We go. And a lot much each type and document in my content, I type, hello world. This is a test very good that's.

My document so I'm going to save my document I'm going to decide the name for simplicity. Why I call it test one, it'll, save it as test one our tech expert. Now, if you compile the document there are several options, one I can select tools from the menu bar and decide compile which has the shortcut f6. So when I click that there, I know, you can see the bottom window opens up. And it shows that. It's compiled documents, and it's compiled successfully just beware. This is a lovely way also to check that your underlying latex installation is installed correctly and text you can use it.

So that's, a very good way, a quick way to find out what your later cancellation works. Great. So we've now compiled the document to view the document we can select from the menu, bar tools and view, which has a shortcut f7 it's going to click that now, and it'll open up the document on the right-hand side.

The. Text is quite small. So you can zoom in and actually see what's written there. And also you can increase the size down here.

Great, okay, that's really all I want to show you. But one more thing just beware, if you're watching this video, you're, most likely beginner and a tech. So it's quite common that you have errors, so I'm going to purposely put in an error here, and I'm going to save that and attempt to compile it, and I'm going to compile using this shortcut on the menu bar, which is a single green. Arrow, and you can see the tooltip there compile click that, and there my arrows appear and the log at the bottom.

Okay. So it's, typical that you'll have hundreds of hours. Don't worry about them.

You just have to work, and you'll learn to experience. Now you might say, how will I find out what a particular error means good question? Lots of resources are available online. But one particular resource is the website. Tech dot stock exchange comm. If you search that website and verbally every error you. Encounter all most likely and have been posted there as a question with the resolution available.

Lastly, if you're interested in finding out more by tech studios, it's a fantastic user manual online, you can look it up. So in summary, arm to compile and build and view. The first step is you write your documents. And then you click compile here and have a type of area beg, your pardon. So let me fix that save courses in red I should have spotted that and click compile, and it's compiled successfully. So. When you see process exited normally, you know, it's compiled successfully.

And lastly, only after first compiling, I, recommend click, build and view, and then it'll display the document. Thank you very much. That's. All I want to show you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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