The B.b.s Dance Their Hearts Out! | L.o.l. Surprise! Dance Dance Dance Compilation

Welcome to dance dance dance, the fiercest dance competition in the BB, verse I'm, your host phenom bib. And here are your judges. The queen of aerobics turn step phoebe, the boss of the beat tempo cutie. And the master of vogue MC pose. How are you all feeling today? Judges, energized, ready for lots of close-ups let's, kick up the beat and get this dance competition started stab and remember phoebe's in the audience it's up to you to vote for who advances to the next round of dance, dance, dance, let's, Introduce our competitors first up this BB puts the b in ballet.

She was dancing before she knew how to talk she is phenomenal. How did that feel on point shout out to all my friends? Yes now, let's hear from our judges. I love your new school moves. I agree your performance proves that ballet is beautiful tempo. Cutie doubles the outfit means double the dance well done.

Wow, big compliments for our new school dancer who's up next. This BB is all about the old school boogie, boogie, she's as jazzy as she is. Genius, please, welcome review.

I was grooving to that beat judges, I'm so jazzed up I'm doing jazz hens. I was dancing in my seat. Furthermore, I'm.

Sorry. Furthermore, I didn't like it. Furthermore, I loved it. Wow, great job review and tap play, but it's up to our BBS in the audience, cast your votes.

Now, who's the winner tap lay and her modern school moves or review with her fierce old school debut. The scores are in this dance-off goes to review that's who she advances to the next round will review be able to out dance bay wheels. Before me. Meet our next dancer let's show off our grand prize, a brand new, state-of-the-art dance machine, dance, your heart out.

And then after cool off in the pool, I love a fierce workout with a big splash at the end have you ever vote underwater, no. But now I want to and hi to you judges before we can give away the dance machine. We have to find out who will be crowned the winner of dance.

Dance. First, up in today's competition, let's give a rolling welcome to our new school booth bay wheels. What do you? Call that dance bay wheels, rolling with my babies I was rolling with my BBS while I watched you we were grooving to your moves. I've got to get myself a pair of roller skates. You've inspired the judge's bay wheels. But did you inspire the audience let's find out after we welcome back review?

What exciting new moves? Do you have planned for us today? I don't have any new moves planned. I only have old school moves planned in roller. Skates. The dance, dance, dance floor, has turned into a roller rink. Today, judges, the reviews are in, and we are all impressed at the new school.

Spin. You put on your old school moves fantastic. Now. Audience, it's up to you who do you want to advance to the next round cast those votes.

Now the scores are in, and the winner is, but the dance machine is not yours yet, because you must first compete against your old-school rival radio, queen, but that's, not all. We have a big twist coming your way now, bee wheels faces off against radio queen. But with a twist do, you know what. That twist is judges, I think it's going to be a surprise.

I love surprises fierce surprises. Well, I have no idea tell us. The twist for this dance-off is two quick-fire challenges in teams in our first quickfire team, dance-off radio, queen and bean wheels will compete in an old school versus new school.

Head-To-Head challenge, then rumba girl and China chica will face off in an old school versus new school head to pineapple head challenge without further ado let's, see some dance fangirl versus skater. Girl, I loved both dances seriously, babies who are you going to choose let's find out the results are in? And the winner is going to be announced right after our next quickfire team, challenge, China, chica and rumba. Girl, rumba girl made this team competition into a partnership. I loved the teamwork. I loved the surprise that was shocking and oh so catchy now for our audience, BBS, you know what to do if all our dance contestants could please step forward.

You are all incredible dancers. But there can only be. One winner that's, right? The real twist of this quickfire team challenge is that only one of you with the highest audience score will be moving on to the final round to compete against a mystery dancer. And that winner is our old school. Girl, radio, queen.

Congratulations, radio, queen. Well, deserved girl, I'm rooting for you, are you ready to meet your competitor? Yes, I am ready to turn up the dial and dance. My heart outs. Okay.

Your competitor is tough surprise. I didn't even know that what a show our new. School ballerina ta play is getting a second chance at leaping to victory are you BBS? Ready? Ready? Great. Let's get our dance.

Dance. Dance final competition, started that was fantastic. You continue to. Wow. Us. Radio, queen, I'm feeling a little flushed. I must have disco fever.

Good, one, tempo, qt, but we're, not done yet let's, see if tap lay can also blow the judges away? Huh? Oh, ah. I'm. Dizzy with excitement judges, as you can see, we're all speechless that was amazing has tap lay spun her way into victory let's.

Find out audience place your scores. Now this has been a fierce incredible and surprising competition, but there can only be one grand prize winner. And that winner is top left. You win a dance machine. Thank you BBS.

I cannot wait to hit the open road and celebrate. But for now I want to invite everyone to join me for a fierce dance party in my brand-new dance machine. Thanks again, for being a part of the fiercest dance competition around see you next time on dance,

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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