Splinterlands Doctor Blight: Why Doctor Blight Is Good News For Splinterlands' Future

Hello, crypto boys and ghouls and welcome back to the channel tales from the cryptomancer where we feature content on play to earn gaming on the blockchain, such as splinter lands in today's video. I want to talk about. Dr, blight once again, because since the AMA on Friday, um, the reaction to.

Dr, blight has probably not been as positive as everyone would have assumed we've seen voucher prices decrease quite a bit. I would say over the weekend with after the AMA. And we've also seen a number of posts in. The community and on YouTube about Dr, blight and really people not appreciating him or not liking him or not seeing him as valuable and being disappointed at him and here's. My take on this. My take on this is splinter lands. Did the absolute right thing with?

Dr, blight and not making him overpowered and making him very balanced yet, very good and very solid, uh. And I think it was just a genius move for this game and here's why I say that again, I'm not a show for the game, I'm I'm, a player I'm, an. Investor in splinter lands and here's, why I think this move on? Dr, blight is genius. The reason why is that you don't want to introduce cards that redefine the meta every release or every?

Um, you know, whether it's cast legion or rift watchers, rebellion, whatever you don't want to have power creep in a game like this. It hurts the value. It hurts the ecosystem. And it hurts the game by keeping the game balanced. And by doing things like a modern and a wild format and doing a lot of the thought that. The doves are putting in this game, they're, ensuring the longevity of this game, they're, ensuring that investment potential continues to grow and increase rather than be diluted. And I say that from experience and playing other games that have suffered from power creep.

And because they weren't able to control power creep and kept introducing newer cards, newer, um features of the game that basically made other cards and other parts of the game obsolete, just killed the game. And let me give you an. Example of that from my personal gaming experience, I used to play a game on mobile devices called Star Wars first collection, it actually had a lot of similarities to splinter lands and that it was a card collection game. It wasn't on the blockchain. It was a mobile device based game on iOS or android. And it was based on the Star Wars universe. And you had cards you had battles.

You had evolutions, you had burning of cards, basically and evolving them. And there was actually a market for the cards in. This game it violated the terms of service. So you had to does it out of the game, and you could be banned right?

This is before blockchain, but I remember selling cards one bay in this game and making money off it, um, rather than just you know, buying, um, you know crystals in the game and reinvesting and just basically burning money in a free to play mobile game. If you look at this here, so Star Wars force collection was a digital card game developed by INAMI, digital entertainment, mobile devices. It. Was released on September 4th, 2013 and here's the kicker it officially discontinued on April 23rd, 2018.

So it ran for a little over four years before the game died, um. And for all those that invested in the game and put money in the game once they shut down the servers the game ceased to exist. There wasn't a blockchain, you didn't own your assets. The servers were shut down and anything you put or invested into this game, including your time was gone. And in four years, completely dissolved right so.

There's, many reasons for this in my opinion is the main reason was because of the power creep in the game, uh, they just couldn't maintain the players because players left because it got a little ridiculous right? So if you look at here, these are cards in this particular game. These were five-star cards. And when the game originally came out, they were very rare, um, you know, I remember selling queen, amid alas and senator palatine cars one bay for over a hundred dollars each and um, if you look at this, I. Mean, there are just tons of five-star cards, uh in the game, and every probably two or three weeks, they would introduce three or four more of these cards.

And it just became, um, you know, unsustainable, uh, the power creep and stuff in the game you just couldn't keep up and people just left the game. And if you look here, um, this was their announcement that they made to the community, um, basically, saying, hey, we can't pay. Our developers. The game is not profitable enough. Um, we don't have the player base. So sorry, all you players that invest in this game, but we're shutting the servers down the game's going away.

So stick with me here. I mean, the reason why I tell you that story is because we shouldn't be complaining about Dr, blight in his stats, because he is a solid character, whether you have a man bronze silver gold or higher leagues he's, a valuable consideration for pretty much any team. Granted, he's going to be probably more valuable in mid-level battles or low MANA battles, but he's, not going. To be a carry card, meaning he's going to basically ensure a victory and that's what you want. Yes, he's valuable. Yes, he's, good, but he's balanced.

And this is why I think the splinter lands dove team is doing the right thing. They could have obviously said, hey, you know, we're going to make this a legendary character it's going to be an 11 MANA cost, and he's just going to go in there and wreck face against any team that that can afford them. And that would have been nice to have as a card. If you owned.Then, but for the game and the ecosystem it's, a horrible idea, um. And this is why I think the splinter lands dev team deserves credit because they've had numerous opportunities over the last. You know, I've only been playing the game for maybe two months. But over the last several months, they've had numerous opportunities to do a cash, grab, you know, sell spell books.

Uh, at a record clip, encourage bots and not try and fix bots and basically see the game crash and burn within a couple of months or. Maybe a year and walk away millionaires, but they saw the problem. They have a vested interest in this game's, long-term success, and they address the spell book in the body issue, and its ongoing right also with class legion. They introduced the voucher system. Furthermore, they brought equity. Furthermore, they brought value to people that staked SPS and invested their time and money into this game, and it's, paying out possibly it's, not 20 a voucher. Now, possibly it's 13 voucher, but people that have staked SPS are still making free.

Money off the game. This is money that the splinter lands dev team is not seeing right it's. The players of the game that are taking advantage of that.

So they could have rolled out chaos. Legion packs and opened the floodgates and had whales bought swoop in and buy millions of packs on day one. And you could have had a horrible experience right, there's. A lot of NFT minting and launches whether it's star atlas ships or bodies from gala games.

It just got horribly wrong where people have paid. Outrageous gas fees on networks and got nothing in return, but disappointment. And with splinter lands, you know, we have a metered system where we're slowly rolling out the cards, we're, seeing value in the ecosystem. It's, not going to flood the market. It will be an opportunity for new players to take advantage in the marketplace, or buying packs in the future. So there's a lot of noise on both sides. You've got veteran players saying, Dr, blight's not powerful enough.

You've got new players saying, hey, I want. To buy all the packs right now, let me have them. I don't like vouchers.

I don't like to wait there's, a happy balance and a happy medium when it comes to game economies game mechanics. And I really have to say that I'm impressed with splinter lands the dove team holding the line, you know, they're trying to maintain a balance to the long-term viability of this game. And this is why I think it should give faith to all those that are either new players or existing players that this game has a bright.

Future as long as the team stays intact continues to look at the long-term health of this game and its community. This is going to be a very fun ride. So that's, my take on. Dr, blight why he is balanced, why it's a genius move and why it's great for the game. I'd be curious to hear your opinions and your takes on this until next time, keep stacking those stats.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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