Ranzlakaz, Pop Et Mips Pour Le Ecommerce À Maurice. La Révolution Silencieuse Fintech En Marche.

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to a fintech digital magic trick today is good for making his ball. Nothing in his hands. Nothing in his sleeves with our Russian partner Gazprom had who is therefore a MIPS merchant. And Hitchcock is also pop.

I had already talked about pop. It was something really it's a little different today. We left for the demo, so I'm, sure, finally for the magic trick would say I'm, so sure a big bag at this point me, judging my open pop application, and then.

Just for info, it puts away the common box is not just a site that only sells railleries, although it is very useful. There are also tons of things really full of AKL beauty, stuff electronics, etc. and I have already prepared my little basket, so I'm going in my kart as they say you have a card. And you see that there are 4. So there is something we decompress in small rolls.

In fact, what I like paint? Well, the trestles are messy, I, don't paint, well, but I never break down little things like that the pot of. Paint and beautiful promises, and that it wears out a little these rollers don't have.

So there I need Marie thread these little rollers there for shooting or painting. So here we go I'm going to do a pickup, and I'll do everything possible. Carrots, I, remind you that I still have my pop application open in front of me in the chat card Bombay cost. Here I am I have all my come. We call it, but my billing same building. She says is what they are, and they are ready well. Well, they don't have their studies.

After all that remains is paid by look good, visa rt, March, deuce or pop-up we're doing all this together, I'm going to focus on pope today for the magic trick here are you ready? Pop? What your ready makes his box? And you know what the best is that in real life?

It is the same. What was doing? Yes, then to April. So I PLA is this pope mode is still open.

In fact, I have a top recap, but what do I see? I see 40 soft, pop Tangshan care. So I can pay by card, of course, but me I want to pay by pop for my magic. Trick today, I accepted the general conditions of sale and I put my phone number little rascal. It will be blurred haha.

You did n. T, believe. But to have my person all mobile number. It is only my wife that t, more or less, so I'm going to click, escaped watch what's going to happen. A countdown is going on. And I have my pop app open here in real time.

Watch what's happening. I got a request for new payments. Good in the occurrence was already open on it, I'm going to click on pay. Excuse me, it's upside down in.

My return camera, pay it's compatible with the soul give in, so men account to save me. I picture, continue to continue sending and there, you know, what happens is that I am in direct communication with with, pop format breaks, the new switch of the beyond the bank of Mauritius. And so is checking in real time. If I have money in my account and a bunch, the payment was successful soul on the side of pop. And on the website side, the website updated itself, I, didn't, touch anything, nothing in my hands.

Nothing in my sleeves I told you so, but wait, what proves that I didn't manipulate information let's, see on the editorial side, but on the merchant side pop and ages is she afraid made you? I see it ain. T, she's, like the director of orange la case, just told you it happened in real time at his place. His bank account was updated in real time via pop and my soul. We know that it's under the theme here is real time. A panel either finding outbid and king day export don't know what real time and his.

Website updated itself without human intervention and does not need to pay taxes and return from AR dream of doing things that they were all alone, one day, and it's compatible with all Mauritian banks. Goodbye.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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