Prime Time? Rockford Fosgate Prime R1200.1D Amp Dyno Test

All right, we're going to try a certified point eight, ohms, Rockford, Frigate, prom, 1200, don't, try this at home because it's not rated to handle it what's up guys, B new is here today. We look at the prom series, our 1200 Rockford Frigate, their budget series. This is the big dog on the budget series. The specs of this app. Yeah, it's got quite a nice selection of specs. Here has a built-in crossover subsonic filter and includes a remote base knob.

Yes. We like that. Some higher-end rockers do not even. Include the base knob, the power series, etc. But this one does so there you can see give the amp out of the box it's, a pleasant size.

It fits in the palm of your hand, it's about the size of a sheet of paper and here's a remote base knob. We like to have in these telephone style connections. And also the metal enclosed base knob with the power LED on it as well.

The R 1200 measures 11 inches are 280 millimeters long by 6.75 or 170 millimeters wide that's about 2 inches tall, or 51 millimeters on the left. Side of the bottom, the amp you'll see the ground remote and B+ connections ground and positive or 4 gauge they're also kind of angled, which is pleasant for installation. The speaker outputs it as has dual outputs for 8 gauge. But you only need to hook up one, or you can hook up both if you have a dual voice coil or two different subs, then you have the connection for the remote punch level controller and input and pass through RCA s, on the top of the amp you'll see prom and the model number a.Little closer to the middle, the power and protect light punch EQ minimum to maximum the frequency for the crossover 50 to 250 Hertz infrasonic filter, 15 forty Hertz and also the gain which goes from 1 to 11.

This doesn't go to 10 goes to 11 so make sure you stick around till after the Dino test, and I'll show a gunshot of the amp talk a little more about the internals here you can see we got the amp all wired up stinger for gauge stinger, eight gauge for the speaker terminals. And here are.Some specs of the ant, 400, 800, 1200 watts and also will show the dynamic output. But next up we wanted to show some our TTI training from Rockford Frigate, where they talk about the prom series. And then what kind of people they're designed for so check it out. First was the budget minded guy.

Now, this customer often has limited budget, they're, not necessarily looking for an outlandish system, but they're trying to get the most bang for their buck. If you will try to get the best.Amplifier the best speakers that they can for the money that they have to spend the majority of the time. This customer is a prime candidate for our prime series of amplifiers, the prime series. Amplifier features cast aluminum heat sink variable, crossover variable gain. And of course, our integrated pen control circuit prime series. Amplifiers typically will produce the rated power plus 10 to 15% over.

Oh, yeah, rated power plus 10 to 15%. You know, we're getting ready to do Fire bird on OD all right first up for. Own certified 40 Hertz up to 1% THD rated, 400 watts, oh, yes, 473 watts. At fourteen point, four two volts current poll, says, forty-two point, seven apps seventy-seven percent efficient, very nice. Now, let's move to 2 ohms and go certified 1% THD, 40 Hertz, rated 1,800 watts. We get 822 - owns 14 point 3 again, nicely over the rated power, 83.4 current drawn, 69% efficient. Next up, we'll, try - ohms dynamic at 40 Hertz.

The amp is rated 899 watts and the manual that's what it says it will do at fourteen point. Four and man look at this 891, and we weren't quite there. So man, they are spot on, and we're spot on here's the current pull one. Oh, two point. Six. We didn't calculate it just because that say, inrush current mode.

Now one ohm test that's. What you guys want to see according to the burst sheet, 1318 watts, at 1 ohm, that's, 14.4, volt. So I think it's 100 Hertz is what it says for CEA we're going to try 40 Hertz.

And oh, yes, 1381 I think maybe the guy working on got that backwards. Yeah, boy. Yeah. Boy, one, nineteen. Point, five amps of current drone, 81.2% efficient and that's. What I'm talking about now let's, try the uncertified test, which takes us up to clipping at 40 Hertz. And oh, yeah, 13 92 way to go rougher Frigate prime at 14 point 1 1 volts, 120 point 2 apps 82% efficient.

This is more efficient than your investment in Bitcoin. So next up dynamic power. Look at this. Fifteen hundred and thirty-two watts at fourteen point, two volts and that's. Kicking from a budget series, Rockford, amp, let's, check out the.

Current pool one, seventy-three point five, again, that's an inrush mode. So we're, not going to calculate the efficiency on that. So yeah, Rockford is kicking it with a problem series. Alright, so you guys just saw the results because I just showed you all the tests, but I'm going to show you the ones I didn't show you as well at 4 ohms. We got 473 484 and 486 in the different modes.

Again, rated 400 watts, 2, ohms, 822, 864, 891, again, all nicely over the rated power. And at 1 ohm, 1381, 1392 and 1532 ready to 1200. Watts, good job. Alright. So as I promised let's, take the bottom plate off, which is a little more difficult than most amps, because you have to take out some extra screws there in the front near the RCA's.

And the speaker leads. But we got it off there. You can see check out the way the amp is laid out. You can tell this amplifier was designed to fit this way, because a lot of amps kind of looks like the components are just thrown in. But the way this amp is designed, you can see that it was engineered. To work a certain way, the way all the transistors across the back are clamped in there, nice and tight, look at the 18 rail caps here and there are 5 caps for the input, filtering and a nice big transformer there, but yeah, what's one thing you'll, notice about Rockford amps and some of the other ones it's, not cookie cutter.

This was specifically designed and engineered to fit inside this enclosure. And even the bottom plate is stamped with the dominant logo. I mean, come on gotta love it.

Alright, guys. Well, There you have the test of the 1200 Rockford, Frigate, Big, D, whiz, and I'm out of here. You all right, we're going to try a certified point 8, ohms, Rockford, Frigate, prom, 1200, don't, try this at home because it's not ready to handle it. You big 1530 watts, certified 14.3. We pulled one 24.1 amps of current, whoa, that's. What I'm talking about budget bus gate. Prime hauled away all right?

Don't. Try this at home test you big, Rockford, Frigate, prom, 1200. This little budget. Am. Profit.

Frigate. Try it at Point 8 ohms.40 Hertz dynamic burst, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight Watts point. Eight. Fourteen point, four, three, inrush, current says, 182 point, nine, amps your question, sure that one question for you, it's next let's, talk about the testing of the amplifier now Rockford tests every amplifier that comes off the production lot. You've never opened up one of the amplifiers you'll find a birth certificate in every one. It identifies model. It identifies the testing standards in Adana identifies the actual measured.

Output powers these birth certificates are developed and measure utilizing a standard known as CEA - zero. Six.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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