On Education And Arts - Pakatan Rakyat's Stand

I have two questions. One of the biggest problems in this country right now is the education system. What are you doing for education system? Or were you thinking about the education? Were you doing quite a patient's? Were you thinking about it official? What are you doing?

Why are you thinking about education, one to the US? How are the arts going to be supported precisely I'd? Want rhetoric I'd one? We need to I want. I really want to know I really want to know 20 million given to echo should have been.

Given to lots of people in Malaysia who actually already are one Malaysia, we are already 1malaysia. Thank you I just posed this question to the both of you since it was her idea, how high education and yards in search of your priorities' education, very high. In my view, the aspect that we are putting in is very high amount of focus of time you spend in education is actually a lot I stood up so many times the higher education, Mr. refused any of the wolves. So you already asked question enough to go.

Know and I'll try to push in a duck and a fault, but what else Messiah I have not been. Yeah. Now in this dedication I think, maybe we have mentioned so far as well. But if it would be psychologist act as one of the shack, what kind of holes that is keeping our students I think, the one of the main themes in the family event is to ensure innovation be means the name and juniper group, but I don't see how in a government lab had an operation. For example, is complete that innovation. So I suggested and. Couple of a proposed that you have to abolish universe, even some colleges act and allow the freedom was third month students because at end of the day, it begins there, I mean, it's, not so much a top-down approach.

What the government thinks students should be doing what the government thinks we should be studying, but if it's a whole process, ensuring that they are empowered. They allowed to choose I think we'll be here. The odds have been quite well.

His wife is getting focused by some enemies. Environment, especially by Panama, the Panama nihilistic. So when he speaks all word up, and we basically us for what the variation has to be given support reachability RT in the last session with the session before that and I think there'll be a lot more, especially has been spotted in bringing in a lot of not just sitting on myself, no Mexican, I, delicious, too bossy. But this, you know, basically try to make art as part of the Islamic state government programs.

We had a practical for the vision type. Of is a series of addition to affect the youth and also to encourage participation, and then standing constantly shamanic Slam. The one is logo as well. Supreme gently put a giant Jenna. They had a couple of this series of programs targeted bother you with and without state. But basically it has been underway program.

It has been about a couple of months I hope they still new, but it has not a shift in terms of house, a stick up and use our team, and I am very encouraged actually I intended. A few. Programs organized by a fire engine. And of course, you want more you want to showcase a lot more artists with the fact that they focus you on the underground rather than the other one measure. The signal is allowed views of the world is a crucial little. In fact, though how look with malicious pattern has to be supportive, but it doesn't mean, one of two names that has been helpful it's that it's so much more than that. So certainly, you know, there's so much more we can then from we really encourage.

Miriam you have to come in now you have taking suggestions we're going to be a passive observer and I never questioned. I know, I know any effect link. In fact, that is also as like that, no, we had a sort of stood upright bunch of subheadings see that, but that's also, partly we were really desperate for people who are willing to confess in the last general elections.

Trust me, you know, I just had my baby Dan. She was Paul that's. All there was the last thing on my mind, but I think like 20 mention some.

Things it's really important to take a stand, and it goes beyond whether winning or losing the elections are certainly you have to bail in order to implement changes are reformed, but that's why I like to make with this for me, you really have this specific, and it's, not quickly perfect. But I am telling you we are listening. about that yet, I think whatever has happened. It has helped us a slap in the face left. It just gives us a lot of sending good even with something, or you didn't lose. Everything enough next term.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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