I Caught A Bot Farm Outsmarting Jagex

As you guys know, free-to-play is the main battleground for mass batting in old school, RuneScape, some batters run hundreds of accounts at once and Jagex mass bands, thousands of accounts every day. This specific story all started with an email tip from a guy named Josh. He and his friend were heading to the chaos altar to pique and free-to-play when he came across many accounts that seemed to be BOTS training on each other in multi. He said, his friend and him killed one and had, actually. Dropped noted rune play bodies and scimitars Josh also sent me screenshots in the email of the loot from killing these BOTS, some even risked up to 600 K and rune play bodies and keep in mind.

This is free to play. So a couple mil is bank I was really confused reading this and went to check it out on my low-level major and I quickly found the bot farm Josh was talking about my major couldn't attack, most of the accounts because they were level 12. And it seemed like if the higher level account that. Was killing the lower levels was attacked. The lower levels would run away.

There also wasn't just one group of accounts in one world doing this. Each time I found groups like these. They contain new accounts. And sometimes there would be different groups simultaneously on different worlds, literally, the first time I found the bot farm running I only killed a few of them and I got over 300 K. The major right here is Josh.

His username is bot slapper in splat BOTS. You slap likes okay. But neither of us. Knew what the guy in full rune was doing I, don't know for sure, but he might have been the owner of the bot farm because eventually he started attacking me, and then I asked him if he knew what the bots were doing. And he said, some not very nice things and logged out. He probably wasn't very happy that we were stealing all of his bot farms goal at this point I had a vague idea of what the bots were probably doing quick announcement.

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So I couldn't, even see their stats I was pretty sure all this had something to do with the free-to-play new account restrictions put into place a couple of months ago, but I looked back into the actual restrictions and a couple of things stuck out number one. If new accounts were peak aid, they would still. Drop their tradable items, except noted items capped at 20, which means if you had 10 noted items, the peak air would still get them. The second thing that stuck out, though is that accounts with restrictions on them could not sell commonly batted items on the grand exchange, but I never actually looked into what those items are, so I made a new account to test. New accounts can still accept GP. So I transferred a mil over to test some things out. And the account couldn't sell items like oak logs are cold.

Because they're so commonly bought at resources, but I found out I could still sell clay, which is like a top 5, free-to-play bought it item I even thought, maybe it was a bug because I had bought the clay on the grand exchange. So possibly I could sell one back, so I mined a full inventory it's decent money in free to play in the inventories worth 5k sold immediately. No problem.

It wasn't a bug. So I'm, pretty sure these accounts were Boating, something profitable like mining clay. And then buying rune items. And dying to their mules as a way to transfer gold before the bots are banned and later on in the video. One of the accounts was old enough to look up on the highest scores, and it had 41 mining and 20 smithies. So I went back out to kill more, but it had been a couple of days since I killed the last ones and I think this was on purpose, but the bot farm owner edited the code of the bot.

Now, all of a sudden if you logged in next to the accounts, all of them attacked you at once Josh and I had to develop a. New strategy to kill the bots. We figured out that running for multi into singles made all the BOTS run south back to the ditch. But if we stood one square into singles from multi, all the bots would stay in multi and not run away, they'd all still try to attack me, but they couldn't since I'm in singles. So they all stack up right in front of me and I can kill them one by one and loot the room.

So the bot owner, basically tried to turn the bots against whoever was killing them and ended up making it. A lot easier to trap and kill all the bots at this point trips are getting insanely profitable with over 1 million, rune Sims and played bodies alone as I mentioned earlier, I was able to look up one of the accounts, and it looks like they trained mining and Smith it. When some bots got away and ran south, they ran to the edge.

Villa Bank. I. Did notice a couple similar accounts smiting in the Seville furnace and I also decided to go check the Garrick West clay mines, which really is one of. The biggest batting hotspots in free-to-play in a lot of worlds, I found a bunch of level, 12s and 13, even though they weren't wearing the training sword and shield like the boss in the wilderness, they were mining, the clay, there's that's, where semi similar, but not exactly the same. So I, don't know if that bot farm in the wilderness was mining clay or not I continued to hunt them off and on for a couple of weeks, I'm, pretty sure they're still around right now.

The bot owner changed the bots back to not. Auto attacking whoever logged in the bot owner probably saw josh, and I'm trapping the bots on the multiline. So now they just all run south, which makes it harder to kill all of them, I didn't, even hunt, this bot farm all that much. But the loot is eleven point. Six mil in free-to-play Josh said, he made over 20 million GP doing this as well and from what I can tell the bots are still doing this right now. But hopefully this video will be enough to take out that bot farm.

Now it's good that Jagex made the. Free-To-Play restrictions and I think it was helping for a couple of weeks. But some bothers I know told me something strange has also happened. Let's say, your suicide, batting, an account on free-to-play that is batting until the account gets banned. These guys tell me before the restrictions were in place. These accounts would be banned in four to six hours, generally and almost all of them would be banned within 15 hours. But now they're saying, most accounts, push 20 to 30 hours, I, don't know why that.

Would be but there's a lot of proof for this for example, on every world, there are five or so BOTS, chopping, oak logs near Vera, usually you wouldn't even be able to see these bot stats because the accounts are so new, or they might have forty to fifty woodcutting. But many of them have over 80 the biggest piece of evidence though comes from the show-off section of a bots discord server. Someone was Boating chickens and free to play and got up to these stats 54, prayer, just from burying the chicken. Bones 58 defense, 40 attack in 46 strength. That is a lot of chickens, and he ended up getting two hundred and nine thousand feathers before he was banned.

I don't know what could possibly be going on at Jagex, maybe they're taking a vacation right now, I'm, literally getting clips for other parts of the video and I still see the bots for my was killing I, got an interesting tip about a suspicious amount of silver and Mikhail, or in the Kusama volcano Gemini or Shah I went to check it out. And there were. Hundreds of thousands of silver and Mikhail, or in the shop on most worlds, I even found four million silver or an over a million Mikhail or on some worlds, that's more than half a billion GP worth of ore right? There, I think it must be a massive amount of bots selling the ores to the shop because the buy limits on these ores are only thirteen thousand per account. So BOTS could be mining these ores, but it's much more likely that a guy is programmed, lots of accounts to buy the ores on the grand. Exchange the bots are likely taking advantage of the different currency, take I'm guessing. They have Karachi gloves one because otherwise it's not profitable Karachi gloves.

One increases the sale price of your ores to the shop and decreases the buy price of certain items. So they're, probably buying huge amounts of silver and myth or on the grand exchange. And then buying Unix's, which are three point one mil each now. But the one mystery is I could never find any accounts trading the shop, even though. There was so much ore in each world in my last video I showed a bought farm at the top of the Port Sari jail, training on guards and free to play the bot farm is currently still there in every world, I can't believe that hasn't been banned, some bots have all 76, melee stats and are almost level 90. But a couple of you guys figured out how to break the bots it's, pretty simple. You lure the guard into the side room and shut the door.

I reported a lot of them, but they still haven't been banned. So. Hopefully being stuck behind the door, spam, clicking guards for hours on end will get them banned. Finally, while I was looking into breaking those BOTS on the first floor of the jail. Now, there's a bot farm. That's popped up. What's.

Weird is every world had two accounts, roughly a level 44 and a level 22. And they were casting earth strike on the NPC's in the jail. Even though a lot of the accounts had 65 magic it's, not even more cost-effective to cast earth strike. So if anybody knows what's going on. Let me know in the comments.

Now as many of you guys know, the Deadpan mode tournament has been running for the month of May and gold farmers and batters see it as a huge opportunity to make extra money. The swap rates early on in the tournament are as high as 50 to 1 I, can't, pronounce, this guy's username. But he sent me footage of a bot farm at relic of fishing sharks.

He was slapping around all the level threes there in this Deadpan mode. Tournament mewling is actually allowed. So what people do is. Fish sharks here, and then they run south to trade their mule account who then deposits the Sharks through peer this year, I think, there's a mix of real players doing this gold farmers and bots what the dock directly north appear. This year is not in the safe zone. I noticed, at least 50 different accounts. All with similar usernames.

They all spoke Spanish, I, don't know if they're part of a clan or if they're gold farmers, but they were all fishing sharks and trading them to one account DLC shell. 49 I. Was spam trading him and then running north to the dock until finally, he came to check out what I was doing I grabbed his bank key and teleported to Camelot to wait out the timer. Now I didn't play, Deadpan mode very much.

But this was very early on in the tournament I think on day, four swap rates were still over ten to one. Well, I was right that that account was the mule because I got two point, seven thousand sharks sold that for a nice one point, one milk cash, oh I, almost got him that guy was. Streaming fishing on a bunch of shark alts at once I, almost got him for nine, mil, Deadpan mode and back on May 6 that would have been between fifty and a hundred mil, OS, RS, I also have an announcement to make I'm launching my own discord, where you guys can hang out talk to me help each other break BOTS or whatever else you want to do I'll link to discord in the description.

If you also see any suspicious activity on RuneScape, remember to send it to sir pug or tip off at gmail.com or talk to me in. The discord channel makes sure to subscribe, if you haven't already.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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