How To Delete An Egr Valve - Mazdaspeed 6

What is up guys I got another video for you guys today we are deleting my EAR valve. Let me show you what the EAR valve is, and I'll, tell you why you need to delete it and let's get to today's install. Alright, guys. So as you can see, this is the EAR valve right there on my Mazda speed, vi, it's located, just under the fuel pump, a high-pressure fuel pump, which is that the EAR is that right there as you can see kind of tucked down in there.

Don't worry, we'll, get a good look at it. Once we pull it out. And stuff, but basically, there are two bolts on each corner, my fingers on one now and then there's one on the back corner, and they just come out.

So this guy is going to be replacing that. And as you can see it's gonna just block off that whole spot f1, once you've unplugged the EAR you're, going to want to break loose the bolts and start pulling them out. First bolt out, and she's almost out guys here is the second bolt on its way out.

And there it is guys. Second bolt and the entire EAR can come out. Well, guys. That's what the EAR valve looks like. So, as you can see, it's got all this weird like stuff, I think this is free missions or for coolant, or something like that definitely like has to do with coolant because there's a little of coolant that comes out, but yeah, that's the EAR valve.

So you unplug this, then you have to undo that hose right there and that's just two bolts. So really simple, super easy. Now we can install this nice clean plate right on the back now it's important to note that you. Probably should be using a new gasket, but I'm gonna just throw mine in I don't think, it's too significant. If it leaks, then I'm certainly going to have to buy a new one it's, not a big deal. But I'm going to try the old one I don't think it'll matter. Just in case you guys are worried about the EAR valve throwing a code.

It does throw a code because it obviously thinks it's not working, but you can just have your tuner shut that code off or delete it. And then the code will no longer exist. So you will have no. More check engine lights, especially when it's not necessary, and you deleted, it. Anyway, alright, guys.

So, as you can see, the plate is installed now I didn't really show me putting the bolting because it's so simple. But basically, as you can see, all it is this gold plate with two bolts into it. And it just simply tightens up now, there's an option to run this, instead of a plug. And basically you would keep this and keep the hose that goes all the way down there. So right where that bolt is at me. Plugged up the hole using that bolt right there. So that hose right there that goes down, it used to go to the EAR, which would be this, or if you're looking on the EAR it's that port.

So basically you can choose to run this and still keep the hose, or you can just delete it completely now I like things as clean as possible. And as you can see, look at all these hoses already, one less hose is always a good thing. So especially when you're already deleting it, and it's an unnecessary like part, why not just. Delete it, so I ended up just using a plain old bolt plugging that hole. And then the plate simply just goes right on, and it's, just two bolts. Shouldn't, take too long, that's, an EAR delete. Alright, guys.

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Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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