How To Change Default Language Of Microsoft Word

Hello everyone today in this video I gonna to show you how to change default language of Microsoft, Word it's, very easy and simple method let's start open your Microsoft Word and no matter any version of Microsoft Word. This setting is similar for everyone. So for changing the default language, firstly, go to file I now. Go to options. Now, left side, click on languages. Now here you will see add additional editing language. So click, this drop-down arrow here you will see mostly all language of country.

So. Choose which you want from here. So if you want to English for Australia so click, this one and now click on add, so you can see English Australia installed. And if you want to as a default so click, this set as default make sure and click on, yes.

So now our default language is English Australia. And one thing more, you should now keyboard layout, not enable. So you should enable keyboard for this language.

And if you want to know how to enable default keyboard layout in window, so you can find we'll do a. Video about this in my channel. So by this simple method, you can add, and you can change default language of Microsoft Word, I hope you like this video. Thanks for watching this video.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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