How Do I Use The Driver Information Center On My Chevrolet

Hello, I'm, Mike, Lambert, I'm with Mike, Chevrolet, pew and today, we're going to learn a little video how to work the back Driver, Information Center, or as we call it, the v.I.c let's step inside. Alright, the first step in the Driver Information Center is a picture of a road that's our, but that we push to check different parts of information, and we might need you're looking at the odometer here. Now if I hit it the first time it goes to your trip me now me personally I like to clear it when I get there. So, I know how many miles like I'm getting on that tank against way you would clear anything is always the check is your Clear button. So if I hold the check down, you can watch it just went to zero.

Then you would hit the button again, footie gives you your fuel range, your average economy fuel use when you fill up, you may want to also clear that hold that map get clear and a timer. If you want to time a trip you can start it with the check you can watch if it's going right? Man. So now you don't have.

To stay on it. It will continue thiamine. If you leave it there's your transmission temperature and then there's your instant economy. So if I scroll back to the timer I can pause, it I, hold it. Watch it pause, hold it again, and it will clear all right. Second button on your D I, see our Driver Information Center is the picture of a car. Now when you hit it, it will give you your all life remaining right now.

This one is showing ninety-five percent. We can switch from English to metric you with air with our. Language, we would probably want to stay in the English because it'll go two kilometers, and that will throw you off a little. So stay with English it's, your tire pressure, if you're able to check these anytime you want to front and rear gives you the engine hours, and it's got the comfort zone.

We are in the number eight zone. So if I were to move to Florida I would have to change it to like the number six so be here, that's really easy to do just by hitting Jesus this check button here. And it will. Automatically switch to a different zone. Okay, the third button. This is your personalization, but I hit if it's going to pop up this book display language.

If you want English, you won't do anything you'll, leave it right there. But if you were to want to go to Spanish, French use three four different languages. You could then after we decided English is our language. You hit it again.

And it goes to automatic door lock you get to choose how you want to be able to lock your choices hit your check right. Now it is set up to lock soon as you shift, it up have a party going to automatically run your option. We've been go back to your third personalization. Button hit it.

And it says that vehicle speed. So you think there's, two options, there's, a no change the vehicles being around a party. So if I like out apart, I hit ship, and you will have the same quite a few different things. The unlock button does the same thing right now, they're all going out lock so that's, the majority of the work of routing and. Most people like, so we stay with that remote door lock your corn in your laps with beef and flax SU when you lock and not the first time. But the second thing is to alert you that it is locked.

So we like that, unlock your lights will flash action. Delayed lock if you wanted it to be a delayed system, you can have that exit lining, your lights will stay on thirty seconds. If we want longer than that go back here and one minute two minutes, all the way up to two minutes, Croce lighting let, you know when. You hit you remote all the lights come on in here. So you can make sure it's safe to guinea chime volume.

If you hit a little chime, you can make it a little louder, Park tilt mirrors, which will tell for you if you have a possibility of a bicycle being left behind you, you can have your mirrors tilt down for you DC exit means. This seat will drop them back up making it easy for you to get out and memory seats that isn't I love that winters when I hit my remote your seats going to go to your Center. You. Got a number one and number two on the door. So you have two different settings, husband, wife or two different drivers. Remote start.

It is owned and I, usually leave it out. I. Don't know why you would want to turn it off, but you could pretty much you're through it says, you want to go back to factory settings. Well, if I personalize it for myself, I, don't want to do that, so I'll hate it one more time. Then it says press check to exit, and you're done so that's, the pretty much how you work the dicey.

Yes. Despite Lambert again, the cake should live you hope you adjourn our it will have a large video on the driver information, British, a child, every chance wingman ever visit with its hair. Pancake Chevrolet, great water. Fix.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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