Guide To Breeding Legit Competitive Pokemon Part 1: Ditto!

What's up YouTube, this is d, pad, gamer, and I'm here, bringing you a guide a lot of people been asking how to breed for shiny Pokmon, so I'm going to throw up mine? I know a lot of other big YouTubers have done this as well. But some people have been asking me.

So I wanted to go ahead and make this video. This is how I went about catching my dittos and how I read for shiny Pokmon. So this is a two-part video. The first part of this video is how to catch a shiny ditto.

So let's, go ahead and jump in. So the. First step, if you want to have a really easy time of catching a dado to start with your breeding, the first thing you are going to want to do is actually fly to the Utah, Utah island, or Lula, I'm, probably butchering that, and then you're going to want to fly to mail a city.

This is right outside where you're going to find the first Pokmon. You need to easily hunt, a ditto, and that Pokmon is h rubbish. What you're going to want to do is you're going to want to run left and then up straight up to. Where the garbage area is, and then you're just going to run in the grass until you find the Greek, all you have to do is have a Pokmon that can fall swipe.

It throws an ultra ball at it. You should catch it very easily. And then the key thing here is to make sure that it does not have sticky. Hold if that's the one you're going to use you want to have stench, because part of this technique will only work if the Pokmon has stench.

Once you have that hot garbage Pokmon rubbish. You need to fly to pony. Island you're going to look for sea folk village and land. There you're going to run down and to the right. There is a fish ship that you're going to run into. And it has a door to the outside there. You can go fishing.

And this is where we're going to get the second Pokmon. You need, which is Del main. If you're not lucky enough to get the delay eyes on the first try you'll probably end up getting a magic harp or a pearl. All you have to do is run back through the door and then come right back out and.

Fish in that spot again, the dell main will pretty much only show up when the bubbles are in that little fishing spot. Once you have your Deltas you'll fly back to Lula Island, and you're going to fly to Mount lent, Cola, probably butchered that too I apologize. The Pokmon Center there. You have a woman there that has the ability to teach you moves that you have either forgotten, or that Pokmon can learn that they don't have available to them through normal gameplay. You give her a scale, a heart. Scale, and she will relearn moves that you don't have the first move.

You want to relearn is you want to learn recycle on your Greek? And you also want to then learn the move switcheroo on your dell main we're, almost done I swear. The next thing you're going to do is you're going to go to Mali, Mali, Island and you're going to fly to how holy city here. There is a man that will do it. The move deletion in the Pokmon Center. You want to take your trouble shared delete every single move other than.

Recycle and now we're on to the last step, which is to hunt the ditto, what you're going to do is you're going to fly to Lula Island, and you're going to go to a mount ha, cool ANI. This is where you can find the dittos. You just run down the road until you get to the first area you can get into grass. And you just run around in the grass until you find a ditto. It has a fairly low encounter rate.

So it may take you up to 10 minutes to find a ditto. Once you have it though this method works extremely well. And I will explain why we did all of this work with these other Pokmon. Now, I always lead with a Pokmon that's fast enough to get away from all the other random encounters until you get the ditto when the ditto appears you will immediately switch into your trouble has the move recycle.

What this does are then the ditto transforms into your trouble only can copy that single move once the ditto has transformed then I will switch into my dell main, which has the move switcheroo I've. Also, already put. A leap berry on the Pokmon. The reason you do this is that you can then switch your item with the dittos giving the ditto, the leper berry, the only top move. It can use is recycle. And it only has five PP of this, which means that after 5, turns it runs out of moves uses a leap berry and then recycles, because it ran out of moves.

The next step after this is to have substitute on your Pokmon that you're going to have false swipe on that way when you substitute, if any other dittos come in, they can't. Transform because you have a substitute up, this means the ditto just sits there, never hits you and your healthy forever after that. It just becomes a typical SOS, shiny hunt, except you're, not necessarily going for shiny. In this case you can always go for that shiny ditto.

However, at 30 encounters, you've already maxed out your potential for what your IVs are. And your ditto is really for breeding more than anything else. So you'll just continue with the motions counting up to 30.

I personally. Like to go up to 40, the only reason I do that is because sometimes I forget to write down a number, or I realize that I did that and then write an extra number. So I, just give myself a safe buffer of 5 to 10 extra ditto. And then you just catch your ditto. A ditto has 10 transforms. So when you're behind the sub, you basically have ten chances to catch your ditto at this point, though the best thing to do is just start throwing timer balls at it.

If you get worried after like, five, you can fall swipe. It. And wait for the next ditto and start this over I don't, personally, like to do that I like to try to just catch it. But if you're getting low on time, just go ahead and do that. And this is how you catch your dittos for breeding if it only ends up with for Ivy's. Then you do the process over again, until you get the right one, you can't guarantee any kind of nature with this unless your nature sinking as well I could have done that, but I didn't feel like doing that. So this is your option as to what you.

Want to do you can't guarantee a nature, but in the next part of my video I will show you how to competitively breed without necessarily doing any kind of nature sing, hunting. Thank you guys for watching this video. I, you guys enjoyed. This is d, pad, gamer signing off.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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