Elden Ring - Farming 300,000+ Runes Per Hour! Level Up Fast And Easy!

What's up everybody chompers here with some more elder ring. And today, we're going to show you how to farm a load of runes really fast. Okay, first things, first, you're, going to open up your map, and you're going to find third church of America. It is on the eastern part of where you start area limb grave. You're going to go ahead and go to third church of America. Once you get to the third church of America, you're going to open up your map, and you're going to set a waypoint right here in the. Water just north of you, and you're going to head that way right now.

And what you're looking for is in the bushes over here is a little teleported there. It is we're going to go ahead and travel to another location. Now that teleported sent us a very far east in called, where we wouldn't otherwise be, and we are at the bestial sanctum. So what we're going to do is we see this giant monster, right? There, we're going to go ahead and not mess with him right now because he's quite tough we're, going to run into the sanctum. We're going to go ahead and get this grace right here, and then we're going to run back out we're going to go ahead and mount up jump over the edge here, and then we're going to be looking for a very specific type of mob, which is the only mob over here.

And there are these little imp guys, and they do hit pretty hard, but you can basically sneak up and watch out all of them, depending on what level you are. Of course, these are who we're looking for. So, as you see, these guys are going to give you about 1300. Anywhere from a thousand to 1300 per kill. And there is a ton of them out here.

You can just ride around on your mount find as many as you can see, you can sneak up on them and kill them. You can fight them, whatever, uh, don't, you know what they do hit kind of hard. So just be ready to do a little of battling if you need too otherwise. This is a great place to farm. You can get a ton of runes per hour here, or, however, long you want to spend it is in my opinion, one of the best places to kind of just.

Chill out listen to music farm, runes and have a good time. So this is what I would consider one of the better spots. If you know of any others, please, let me know down in the comments below like subscribe, leave a comment join the discord, the twitch all that good stuff follow me on Twitter and have a great rest of your time playing elder ring.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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