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Hey, you guys welcome back to another video in today's video, I'm going to be doing this, absolutely super beautiful, spring-inspired nail design, and I'm excited to share it with you guys, super fun and super awesome. So I'm coming in first with two coats of powder, puff, and it's. This really beautiful pastel, pink gel polish so creamy and just a really, really pretty color, even if you wanted to wear it on its own. So once I've finished applying my two cups curing between layers, I'm going to give this a. Final cure of 60 seconds to make sure everything is dry, and then I'm going to prepare for my next step. So I'm, using the stainless steel nail art, palette it's, always good to have somewhere to put your gels when you are working with them and creating detailed work. And I already had some champagne on from earlier.

So I thought why not where I don't want to waste it, so I'm going to use it, and so I'm going to apply some powder. Puff, some mint here and some sleepover gel to the palette as well. And we. Are going to be doing a simple marble, gel design, honestly, one of the absolute easiest looks you could do. And it just is so effective and really, really pretty you can do this on the full nail on part of the nail, or just in specific areas it's completely up to you. Once I've got all of my product on the palette I'm coming in with a fine brush, I'm using the Buddhist liner brush, and I'm just swirling that product around the key at this point is to not mix it together.

So that you get one light, mucky. Color, you still want to see those definite colors and the differences between them so just mix it. So you get a nice pattern, but not too much that it's all just kind of gone to one color, because then you kind of defeat in the object, and you're, not really going to get a marble finish now that I've finished mixing up my gel making it all swirly. And the pattern looks gorgeous I'm coming in with base coat, and I'm just going to apply a layer to my nail. I know it sounds really odd we're applying a. Base coat over the color, but it's just to act as like a slip layer for the gel that we're going to apply, and I'm using the number eight gel brush from my website.

All products are from my website, and I will list them down below. If you are interested, you can definitely go ahead and check them out I'm scooping up my gel, and then I'm going to be placing it on the nail, and I'm kind of floating my brush. And then pressing it in and wiggling it from side to side. And what that's going to do is allow the. Gel to kind of trail off the end of my brush onto the base coat that I've just applied now, the base coat, isn't cured, it's, still wet. So what that means is that when the gel hits if it's going to kind of spread out nicely, it's going to allow that product to really just settle into the nail and become one layer, and it's just such an effective way of creating a really simple and easy nail design, I'm, just continuing that process until I'm happy with the design like I said earlier, you can do a little. Bit you can do the full nail just half of the nail, whatever you fancy go ahead, have fun, it's so easy to create.

So this is how it's looking I'm going to go ahead and cure that for a full 60 seconds in my light, and then we're going to come in and add our top coat I'm, just going to add super gloss and do a full cure in the light. And then that is the final look. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. I know it was a super quick and easy one, but I'm going to mix it up a little and throw a few of. These out there, because then I can, you know, get more videos up for you guys anyway, if you did enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up. And as always please remember that you are bomb.com lit as and don't ever let anybody tell you any different because you've got this, and I love you bye.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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