Disconnected | Short Film | Nyu 2021 Film Submission (Rejected)

I was already changing. I wish I could protect you flowers. Oh, hey, sorry. I was just focused on something focus on what um stops. Yeah, right?

So, are you ready to go back to boulder tomorrow? Yeah, I mean, I love being home, but I miss my roommate. Well, is it just your roommate? Well, yeah, just ask me.

Did you finish the poster I did actually, you know, I was able to get it done because you're 15 minutes late okay, are you going to show me or not? I will calm down. So what do you think? I mean, if they like. It is you serious I'm? Just kidding, carter, it looks so good they're.

Going to love it. I especially love the colors it's, just that I think that you should charge them more. You always work way, harder than expected. I know, but it's just crazy.

I mean, I get to do this stuff and get paid hard to believe. Okay. How about I become your agent I'm in charge of all your pricing?

And I take 15 of your commission, see, I don't think that's going to happen, because I can't hire an agent that's, 15 minutes late to their. Coffee days, okay, are you thinking about applying? No? I was just looking through their program come on. I mean, you've been dreaming of going to the school since you were a freshman, why not aria it's perfectly fine here. Furthermore, I have my family here, I'm doing school.

And my graphic design business has been doing super well, not to mention that just puts more distance between you and me, but you've been trying to leave this town since we've met Arya. Listen, I'm, perfectly fine here. Okay, maybe when you're out of. College, you can move in together, but right now it's, just not ideal. We've already been doing long distance. How far is you bulging a two-hour drive? Rhode Island is 2, 000 miles away babe.

I just think that this is something you should prioritize. If I were you, I wouldn't even hesitate, yeah, I know you wouldn't hesitate because that's exactly what you did I'm going to the bathroom. So look, I'm, sorry for being harsh with you, it's just that. This is something you're really talented at. And I don't think you. Should just follow me wherever I go look aria, nothing that you said was wrong it's, just that this doesn't make any did you go through my phone when I was in the bathroom who the hell are you?

Are you kidding, me carter, what is wrong with you what's wrong with me? Are you serious Arya? I saw the post how about you tell me who came in carter? I guess I know why you want me to leave so bad you couldn't care less about my career. Why are you acting like this I'm stuck here, waiting for you? If you want to go.

Mess around with some guys in border, that's perfectly fine. But at least have the respect to tell me that you're not committed to this relationship read it Arya. How was I supposed to know that this dude was listen. I should go.

I need to finish packing look I'm. Sorry. Furthermore, I didn't mean to say any that I lashed out thanks for the coffee you're. Never going to change me. I was already changing.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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