Best Peppa Pig Learning Video For Kids - George's Birthday Party Adventure!

Today is Georges pig's birthday, mummy and daddy pig are decorating for the party. Yeah, that looks good. And meanwhile, Peppy is throwing George a tea party. Now that you're older, you can drink tea like a big kid here you go George, isn't, the tea, delicious George manners.

Please now tell me what do you want for your birthday? I mean, its award show what you talk about dinosaurs too, much see even Polly degrees and one final touch, the cake kids you can come down for the party. Oh, George!.

Did you hear? That let's go get dressed for your party. Come on let's, see what to wear differently.

Perfect your turn George. No, those are your pajamas, Halloween, costume, no that's just silly now that's more like it. Now let's go downstairs for your potty break, a party baby birthday, George. Let me light the candle. I mean, it's all that's right? We made a dinosaur cake your favorite now blow out the candle now let's eat up.

So we can open your presents. Do you Lucius now time for the presents you have a yellow present a. Purple one a red one and a green present Wow George. You have four presents inside George's. First, present is a bicycle. Yay, bicycle in Georgia's. Second, present is a rocking horse.

An inside Georgia's third, present is a little red wagon rainbow wagon. If George doesn't get a dinosaur as last present he'll, be very disappointed, I. Guess we'll just have to wait and see and inside George's last present is a big dinosaur George Laws playing with his new presence there's, still one last present. What is it.

We're going someplace very special and far away pack your bags and meet me in the car. An adventure let's. Go George is everyone packed and ready, yes. But how far away is it very far away we're going to the airport, and we'll fly there in an airplane Wow, but is an airplane, scary? No, no, not at all they're, the safest way to travel even safer than a call.

But first we must go to the airport now, get in I can't, wait to get there. Come try to fast. Alright, this'll be fun. Now let's go to the airport stations. Pepper, ah, here we are, hi there.

Papa, if you guys would like to ride on the plane, just park your car and hop aboard, right, oh, all right now follow me to the plane. This is a beautiful laugh. Take a look inside. We have 1 2, 3 seats, but there are 4 of us that's not enough room for us to sit.

Oh, my that is a problem. No, no, not at all I could sit up there. Daddy pig that's, what the pilot sets for flying the plane, but I played a few flight simulators in college. How hard could it be? Alright suit yourself Joel.

Since it's your birthday you can get on first, you can go second, mummy. Alright. Now, it's, my turn to go on third and now time for the expert pilot to sit in the cockpit. Daddy, why are we going you'll have to wait to get there to see it's a surprise, I'll, put your luggage in the back all right? Everything secure prepare for takeoff. Let's, see? What is this button?

Do what are you sure? You know what you're doing? Yes, yes. There's just more buttons than I. Remember, let me try this one. Oh, here we go prepare for. Takeoff, why strain I'm trying member it's harder than it looks we're almost there?

Oh, oh I. See it. Oh well, we're coming in for a landing there. Perfect light, I'm quite dizzy. We'll be taking a taxi home, yay, that's, right, George. And we have all day to play are you sure we should have popped the plane right here? Oh, it's.

Fine. I'm. Sure everyone does it all the time George since it's your birthday? What would you like to do first Venus? Of course, you'd want to play on the dinosaur first George, it's, your.

Friend Richard rabbit, yes, I. Imagine there'll be many friends here at the fair, how about you kids? Take turns Oh George. We dinosaur I like swinging on the swing Peppy look up here. Watch it's, your friends, Pedro pony and candy cat. My friends are here I want to play with them. He wants to play on the seesaw with me.

I will, I'm coming down. We fun all aboard the train for the fairgrounds let's. All take creepy I, hear its someone's birthday today, hop aboard, and I would give you a tour?

Okay, grandpa. He. Dream enjoys the train ride children, but walk over here and meet you.

Whoa, yes. You need the exercise here we are children at the main fairground Wow. Can we get off here? Oh, coolest. Children have fun I'm off to the next stop. Tata.

George are married around, which one would you like to ride green dinosaur, of course, I should have guests. I think I'll ride. The red horse come on Suzy that's, two of us and three seats how about you ride with us? Okay, pepper all right?

The yellow duck. Come on. Daddy pig, what's, Taking so long walking can be so difficult Peppy now that your family is here would you like to see my magic mirror booth? Sure Suzy's show us where it is here's, my magic mirror.

Let me see, hmm. It makes me look really silly. But it's, not really magic is it sure it is watch Kazakh.

See? What did you do? Honey, Susan.

You told me about this instant Abraham, Mr. potato. Did you say candy, yes, would you and your family like some I have red strawberry pink peach, orange green, melon and blue blueberry? And lollipops of many shapes, what would you like to try I would like red pink and green and a lollipop shake like a hot, and what would you like little boy and star all right here?

We go let's, see three pieces for the boy four pieces for the girl. Three, plus seven that'll, be seven dollars $7.49 than use to help pay for it. Let's. See 7, minus 1 is 6 7, minus 2 is 5. I need five more dollars here.

We are five dollars. Plus my two dollars equals $7, very good. Enjoy your candy children. Thank you. Mr. Potato you're very welcome. See.

You later, what would your children like to do now let's? Go on the Ferris wheel? Yay, oh, it looks like we'll have to wait come over here. Papa I'll paint your face while you ate I will be good idea. Thanks, Rebecca. What would you like me to paint like you paint?

Elephants, lions and lots of other animals, hmm? How about a tiger all right? Hoods? Still there? What do you think I?

Love, it Thanks, You, Peppy. Hurry, oh, you'll. Miss the ride coming mummy, George, I. Hope, you had a wonderful day. It's just our way of saying the best birthday ever.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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