1971 Penny Worth Money - How Much Is It Worth And Why?

What's up everybody Christian from treasure town here today, and we're going to be continuing my weekly Saturday series where we go over a single coin. That's going to have a small error variety or abnormality that's going to make it significantly more valuable than its regular face value or purchasing power. And the coin is going to be exponentially valuable today as it is a penny, the coin out we're going to be discussing is the 1971 penny. I have one right here. This coin does not exhibit the air that we're.

Gonna be discussing, but the way that this segment will work is that first I'll show you where on this coin you're going to be looking for the air then we'll go into a PowerPoint presentation, I'll talk over that. And it will have images of the air I'll point them out and discuss where you'll be finding them as I did before. And then we'll go over the values of this coin, because you want to know what you're dealing with. So with that being said, I'm going to get into the first segment where we go over. And discuss where on the coin, you can find the air and best of luck. See you next time you come across a 1971 penny, you'll know what to look for and potentially find a pretty valuable error coin.

So here's, the 1971 coin that we're going to be taking a look at there's going to be strong doubling throughout the coin. And the doubling will be found on the in god. We trust' and the liberty and so that's where the strong doubling will be. And the slightly lighter doubling will be found in the date, but it'll be.

Stronger in a Liberty, and in god, we trust' so onto the next slide. And here are some good quality photos of the 1971 era penny. And you can especially see the doubling I think most easily here in the e right here in below the raillery and then as well as in the in god, we trust'. So you can see the extra doubling in the lettering, especially here in the G as well up top. And in terms of values is going to have a decent value about $50 for an about circulated coin. So showing a little of where but. Still an overall decent shape.

Ms, 60 will get up to about $75 while a pretty good-looking circulated coin will range from about $150 to $300 and outstanding examples might get even a little higher and that so definitely a coin that you want to be on the lookout for there's, a lot of value associated with it. And again, just make sure to look especially closely in the in god. We trust' I think that's, the easiest place to find this coin best of luck, finding it. And if you do, please, let me know. Thanks for watching the video I'd encourage you to like comment, subscribe, if you haven't already and connect with me, whether it's on Instagram at treasure town, YT Reddit at our treasure town, whitey or on my website, treasure town, y-t-dot-com have a great day. And I hope to see you on some of my other videos.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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